Introducing Fat Free CRM, Instant-Setup, Open CRM on Cloudfuji

We’re really excited to launch Fat Free CRM on Cloudfuji today. It makes a perfect addition to our App Store - mature, open, easy to use, and integrates to make a smooth experience. From early on, the goal of Fat Free CRM was to “spur CRM innovation by providing clean code base that can be easily extended,” and now it’s easy to setup and use with your teammates as well.

Out of the box you can:

  • Track campaigns, leads, and accounts
  • Maintain visibility into outstanding opportunities
  • Manage your contact lists
  • Easily collaborate with your teammates

Launch it now on by visiting

Despite being one of the most mature and robust open source projects, it’s still in great technical shape. Thanks to the amazing work of the Fat Free CRM team and Nathan Broadbent in particular, we’re launching the Rails 3.2 version on Cloudfuji today.

Powerful, open CRM that’s easy to use as well. It just feels right.

Launch it today, invite your teammates, and use it with Kandan. When you have suggestions for features or bug fixes, either let us know with the in-app support, on the mailing list, or by forking the project and sending a pull request. Pretty awesome.


  • Nathan Broadbent for making the Cloudfuji integration so clean, unobtrusive, and most importantly, a delight to use
  • The Crossroads Foundation for taking such an active lead in Fat Free CRM and consistently pushing it foward throughout the years
  • Michael Dvorkin for his unwaivering support and encouragement for Cloudfuji, and for starting Fat Free CRM and making it open to the world.


As always, have fun, and be productive!