Introducing Errbit, Instant-Setup, Open Error-catching for your apps

We’re huge fans of Open Source here, so it’s awesome that we’re able to offer another one-click critical service for our customers - remote error collection via Errbit!

Launch Errbit on Cloudfuji!

Errbit is a high-quality 100% Airbrake-compatible open source rails app that your production app can post to whenever it has errors. Launch it on Cloudfuji, drop the code snippet in your app, and you’re collecting errors, in any language your app is written in - ruby, iOS, android, python, PHP, and more.

Errbit includes unlimited projects out of the box

You can use the app to see session variables, stacktraces, request parameters, and more. It also groups similar errors together to give you a historical view of a running problem.

See stacktraces, browsers, request parameters, and more with Errbit

Have it email you and your team whenever there’s an error so you know immediately. Save time by generating tasks in your project manager directly from the error report - Errbit is compatible with GitHub Issues, Pivotal tracker, Lighthouse, Mingle, Fogbugz, and Redmine, and it’s easy to extend it to support other bug trackers.

Errbit integrates with your project tracker

Errbit is thoughtfully designed so that you can literally change your airbrake settings and start using it immediately - it’s 100% compatible without code change.

And now it’s just one-click launchable for our Cloudfuji customers - go checkout Errbit on Cloudfuji right now.

And as with all of our apps, there’s in-app support built-in:

All Cloudfuji apps have in-app support

Use it with our 100% open-source team chat, Kandan, or Fat Free CRM. When you have suggestions for features or bug fixes, let us know with the in-app support, on the mailing list, or by forking the project and sending a pull request. Pretty awesome.


  • Nathan Broadbent again, for implementing the Cloudfuji integration so quickly and cleanly, helping us make Errbit highly maintainable and easy to use.
  • The Airbrake Team for helping move developers in the right direction with open, higher quality tools.

Recap tldr;

Launch Errbit on Cloudfuji!

As always, have fun, and be productive!