Developers make amazing apps, borne of deep skill and passion, that solve real problems. But being a successful developer is full of difficult, orthogonal distractions. As we felt the push for software development to blossom into true craftsmanship, we founded Cloudfuji. Cloudfuji empowers developers to move away from the monolithic design constraints of the past, and to create, to be successful artisans through focusing on core skills and passions.


Team management is a core Cloudfuji feature. Manage your teammate's accounts across all your integrated Cloudfuji apps. Getting new team members up and running across your apps is a breeze. No more administering disparate accounts across multiple tools. If a team member departs your organization quickly refresh access to all your apps.

About Cloudfuji


Cloudfuji is a deployment platform and app store for open source web apps. We work with developers to make their open source Ruby On Rails web apps simple to instantly deploy, and then enhance these apps with extended Cloudfuji features.