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Apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2021: All You Need to Know 

Do you want to travel to Canada? Do you want to become a permanent resident in Canada? Get the necessary information on how to apply for the Canada visa lottery, known as the green card lottery.

Canada does not offer permanent residence through lottery. Many websites claim to offer applications for the Canada visa lottery. However, the country offers immigration through tons of means. 

Get the right information you need and stay away from the Canada visa lottery scam. 

Canada Immigration Programs

The United States has an immigration program called Diversity Visa, popularly knows as the green card lottery. The US visa lottery is a program where the government offers US permanent residency to 50,000 applicants. The US green card lottery aims to promote the diversity of the immigrant population in the United States by selecting applicants from various countries.

To apply for the US DV lottery, check here.

Likewise, Canada does offer permanent residency to applicants. However, Canada does not offer immigration through lottery. But, that does not mean that you can’t obtain a Canada permanent residency card

In 2021, the Canadian government plans to issue a PR to 351,000 individuals. And, this number increases over the years. So, your dream to travel and reside in Canada can come true. But, how do you apply for Canada PR through legit means? Let’s look at what the Canda PR is all about. 

What is a Canadian Permanent Residence?

A permanent resident is an individual who has been granted permanent resident status in Canada after immigrating, but who is not a Canadian citizen. Citizens of other countries are permanent residents. A temporary visitor to Canada such as a student or a foreign worker is not a permanent resident.

You can apply to become a permanent resident in Canada through tons of means. So, even if you are not eligible for one, there are still other means to immigrate to Canada through legit means. 

How Can I Apply for Canada Visa Lottery?

Every year, hundreds of people strive to become permanent residents and obtain their PR cards in Canada, which is a nation of opportunity. There have been a significant number of successful applicants who qualify for the PR card.

As earlier stated, Canada does not offer immigration to individuals through the lottery system. So, stay clear from websites that claim to issue the Canadian visa lottery application. However, the Canadian government offers several programs that hold weekly draws, allowing people to earn permanent residency.

Further, the requirements for the Canada PR vary, depending on the system you follow. A PR Card will be given to you once you have been accepted or invited to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Canadian Permanent Resident Programs

See ways you can get the Canadian PR card. The Canadian government grants immigration to individuals through five popular programs. Check out a brief rundown of the programs below:

  • Express Entry

Through specific economic immigration categories, the Express Entry program administers applications for permanent residency for immigrants who can fill occupations when there is a shortage of available skilled Canadian employees.

  • Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a program for employees with the skills, education, and job experience necessary to contribute to the economy of a particular Canadian province or territory. Students, business people, skilled employees, and semi-skilled workers are all targeted by different streams and programs in each province and territory.

  • Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration program designed to assist temporary foreign workers and foreign students in applying for residency based on their work experience and education.

  • Business Immigration

For immigrants and newcomers with experience owning, managing, or investing in businesses, Canada’s Business Immigration Program is also a way to invest and find work in the country.

  • Family Class Immigration

In Canada, family sponsorship is a way to reconnect separated families. Several sponsorship programs are available for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to support their relatives to immigrate to Canada.

Canada Visa Lottery Scam

Canada does not issue immigration to individuals through lottery. It is only the United States that issue visa through lottery. The US visa lottery is known as Diversity Immigrant Visa. Likewise, the Canadian government offers PR through the programs listed above. 

So, any website or agency claiming to issue the Canada visa lottery is a scammer. 

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