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See the best chat application for your company or team. Use the Kandan chat app to share ideas.

See all you need to know about Kandanapp.  Also  check out the installation guide.

What is Kandan? 

Kandan is an open source chat application for you and your team. You can invite colleagues to share ideas and files in a persistent group chat room or rooms. The application is written on Ruby on Rails.

The Ruby on Rails-based Kandan real-time chat application is a quick, safe, and reliable chat solution. Kandan Chat is a beautiful, simple interface that will make you rethink your current instant messaging setup.

It has a ton of features, including shared room audio, file uploads, managing multiple chat rooms, searchable message history, and Hubot integration. Through chat rooms, you may handle multiple conversations at once, and you can also use channels to listen to music. Kandan is completely open-source and may be hosted by your business, a third party, or both inside and externally.

The amazing features include managing the Kandan livechat software, downloading files, and searching the message history. You can also view invitations and users who are currently online. To assist users in expressing their feelings, the Kandan open-source chat program offers a sizable number of emoji collections. Through a system of plugins, Kandan enables developers to add additional capabilities. The application can finally be set up on cloud hosting.

Who Developed Kandan?

Cloudfuji was the company that created the original Kandan private chat application.

Why Kandan App?

Kandan comes with tons of amazing perks. They include:

  • It is open source 
  • Requests for other platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, etc.
  • Synchronized sound player
  • Highly extensible plugin format
  • Collaborative team chat
  • Easy deploy, Heroku, dotCloud, etc.
  • Unlimited channels
  • /me command!

What are the System Requirements for Installation?

  • Ruby 1.9
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL Adapter
  • Thin server
  • Rails 3.2.21
  • RubyGems: Installation as dependency
  • Editor: Sublime Text or RubyMine
  • Git version control system
  • Server: Heroku OR AWS

How to Install Kandan App

To install Kandan:

  • Go to GitHub.
  • Search for Kandan.
  • Follow the steps in the installation guide.

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