Atlas Loan Application Online – Reviews – How to Apply

Atlas Loan Application Online

Are you looking for a loan platform to get quick loans? Here is your final bust stop. Apply for an Atlas loan application online and get quick loans with repayable terms. You no longer have to stress much or visit any office to begin your application. You can use your device from the comfort of your home. Above all, you can get loans without hidden charges. What you see is what you get on Atlas Loans online.

Learn more about Atlas Finance loans and how to apply without issues.

Atlas Loans Reviews

Atlas Loan is a lending platform that offers quick loans to individuals. It allows users to get fast loans and personal short-term loans to meet their needs. Also, it offers loans at a very low-interest rate to suit its customers. Once you finish your loan application on the website, you can receive funds directly to your account within hours. 

Atlas Loan is committed to providing personalized, top-notch service to assist you in reaching your objectives. To safeguard your financial stability, it is their top priority to ensure they are lending to you appropriately. 

For any issues or support, the customer care service officers are always on guard to render their services. Atlas is the right place to get loans to meet your needs.

Is Atlas Loan Legal?

Atlas Loan is a registered credit provider (NCR CP 3994) and an accredited financial services provider (FSP 46412) offering quick loans and other financial services. We participate actively in the MFSA as well. A representative organization for legitimate and licensed providers of microfinance loans is the MFSA.

How Does Atlas Loan Work?

Atlas Finance Loan works in a simple way to give users the best experience. Once on the website, you can apply for a loan in three steps. Fill out the application form on the site, and submit the required credentials. And you will get funds in your account once they approve the loan. Yes! It is that easy.

What is the Maximum Loan amount for Atlas Loans Online?

You can take out a loan for R500–R8000, with a 61–180-day repayment period. Interest rate range: 36% APR* to 60% APR* at maximum. Insurance for customer protection to ease your mind.

How Long Does it Take to Process Atlas Loan Application?

It takes no time to process and approve loan offers on Atlas Finance. However, a lot of factors could affect this process. If there are technical issues or poor networks, it could take longer to process a loan on the website. Generally, it takes a few minutes to process Atlas Finance loans.

Atas Loan Requirements

To qualify for an Atlas loan, every user must first meet the loan requirements. It is to ensure you are eligible to get loans on the platform. To apply successfully on Atlas, check out the requirements below:

  • Have a valid ID or passport
  • Provide your three-month banking statements or recent payslips
  • Have an active email address and phone number

Atlas Loan Interest Rate Breakdown

A monthly service charge of R60.00 plus 15% VAT

15% on the first R1000.00, plus 10% on any amount beyond R1000.00 up to a maximum of R1000.00, plus 15% VAT, is the initiation cost.

FICO score: 0.55% of the total loan amount

Interest rate: 0.17% daily, maximum of 5% monthly

36% APR* to a maximum of 60% APR* is the range of APR*.

Atlas Loan Application Online – How to Apply

You can complete your Atlas loan application form within minutes and get funds into your account. Moreover, you only need to follow a few steps to complete the application process. Above all, you can complete your loan application online without visiting any branch or office.

Follow the easy guide below to apply for Atlas Loan online:

  • Go to Atlas loan website online
  • Click on Apply for a Loan
  • Fill out the form step-by-step
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Submit 

After they evaluate and approve your loan offer, you will get funds directly to your account.

How to Repay Atlas Loan

You can get loans on Atlas with up to a six-month repayment term. When your loan tenure is due, you can quickly contact the customer care line to get instructions on how to repay the loan.

Atlas Loan Contact Number

See the Atlas loan contact details below:

Call us at 0800 204 679


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