Barko Loans Online Application – Requirements | How to Apply

Barko Loans Online Application

Apply for a quick loan online and get your desired loan amount up to R8,000. Follow the easy application procedures and meet the requirements to apply for a loan. Moreover, the whole process is easy and hassle-free. You can apply online or visit the nearest branch to get your loan. Begin the Barko Loans Online Application and receive your desired funds in your account ASAP.

Learn more about Barko Loans and how to apply at no cost.

What is Barko Loan?

Barko Loans was founded in 1996 and is one of South Africa’s top microfinance institutions. They provide morally sound and creative financing options to diligent South Africans in formal employment. The millions of South Africans with modest incomes engaged in the official sector, the government, the mining industry, and the private sector make up Barko Loans’ target market. 

Barko Loans’ creative service offerings have allowed for its quick growth throughout the years. Though client service experience has grown to accommodate all of our client’s needs, they are still working to improve and expedite how they serve customers. By giving communities more power, Barko Loans hopes to enhance the social and economic environment in which they operate.

What does Barko Loan Do?

Barko loan offers quick loans to South Africans to help meet their financial needs. Also, customers outside the country can apply for the loan. They provide cutting-edge, easily navigable financial solutions that enhance our clients’ everyday lives and are customized to meet their specific financial demands.

Barko Loan Requirement

Meet the Barko loan requirements to apply for any loan amount without setbacks. However, they only ask for a few documents to ensure the customer is eligible to apply. 

To apply for Barko Loans, check out the requirements below:

  • SA ID number or valid passport
  • Three-month bank statement
  • Most recent proof of income
  • Bank card

How Much Can I Get on a Barko Loan?

The loan option on the Barko loan differs. They offer loan amount amounts up to R8000. New customers can get up to R3000. Once you pay back and build a good credit score with Barko Loan, you can get loans up to R8000. And you can get these loans without hidden charges.

How Long Does It Take to Process a Loan?

It takes a few minutes to process a loan on the website. Nevertheless, it could take more if there are technical issues. At this point, the user will have to exercise a little patience until they resolve the issue and approve the loan offer.

Barko Loans Online Application | How to Apply

To apply for Barko loans, visit the nearest branch near you. Ensure you go with your required documents and follow the guide they will provide. The Barko loan application procedure is stress-free and swift. The customer care officers are always available to assist customers in completing their loan applications. 

Barko Loan Branches Near Me 

Are you worried about locating a Barko loan branch near you? Worry no more. You can get to the Nreast Barko branch to begin your loan application. 

To locate a Barko Loan branch near you, follow the easy guide below:

Barko Loan Contact Details | How Do I Contact Barko Loan?

You can always contact the Barko loan customer care line for support or complaints. Check them below:


Toll Free: 080-777-3777

HQ Office: 087-980-5002

Communications Department:

General enquiries:

POPIA / PAIA Information Queries:

Donations Applications:

Barko Loan WhatsApp 

If you wish to chat with Barko Loan on Whatsapp, send ‘Hi’ to 078 298 9139, and you will get a quick response immediately. 

Barko Loan Operating Hours

Barko Loans is open Monday through Saturday from 07:30 to 17:00 and on weekends from 07:30 to 13:00. You can reach us by phone at 080 777 3777, our toll-free number, during business hours.

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