BET+: Watch BETplus Hit Shows, Movies, and Series 2022


Watch all your favorite Black content on the BET+ streaming service. Stream movies and television series anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you get to access tons of BETplus original films and series at a low cost;

See all you need to know about the streaming service below.

About BET+

BETplus is an OTT subscription Video-on-demand platform owned by ViacomCBS. The service, launched on September 19, 2019, is operated by Tyler Perry Studios and the BET Network. The service features TV series snd original movies from the BET content library. BET Plus is one of the most common SVODs with a whopping number of 1 million users.


What’s on BETplus?

On the BET+ streaming service, you get to access over 2,000 hours of Black content. Stream movies from the best Black creators. 

Below are some of the hit original movies and TV series on the BETplus service:

  • American Skin (BETplus original Movie)

  • Redeemed (BETplus original movie)
  • First Wives Club (BETplus original series)
  • Tyler Perry’s Bruh season 2 (BETplus original series)
  • Leimert Park (BETplus original series)
  • Favorite Son (BETplus Original movie)

  • Bigger Season 2 (BETplus original series)
  • Never and Again (BETplus original movie)
  • Madea’s Farewell: The Play (BETplus original movie)
  • Tyler Perry’s Ruthless ( BETplus original series)

How Much Does BET+ Cost?

Stream Black culture anytime, anywhere when you subscribe to the BETplus service. The subscription plan costs $9.99/month. 

Also, you get to stream your favorite Black content commercial-free. 

Where Can I Watch BET Plus?

The goal of the BET plus streaming service is to provide users with Black content anytime, anywhere. On that note, the service is available on many platforms. Just choose your favorite place to watch BETplus.

The service is available on:

Free App Download

Download the BET plus official app and experience maximum satisfaction. Watch all your favorite movies and television series in one place. 

Further, the app is available on Google Play Store, App Store, and Amazon Appstore.

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