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Open source business software helps you stay within a reasonable budget while controlling expenditures for your internet business. Furthermore, compared to proprietary alternatives, they are typically more secure and transparent.

It might be difficult to establish and keep up ties with clients. But it’s also crucial for a company’s survival and expansion. A CRM system is necessary to keep those ties going. And one area where open source shines brightly is CRM. 

What is Open Source Software?

 A non-proprietary software that is made available to users with its source code is known as open source software. So you can adjust it or improve it to suit your requirements. With the idea that programmers should have access to the software to edit it to comprehend, learn, and enhance it, open source code first appeared in 1983. The GNU Public License was thus the name of the first open source license. A digital license of the software’s original rights is now included with open source software (OSS) to restrict and regulate the reach of software distribution.

Why Open Source Software?

Below are some of the benefits of OSS to small businesses:

  • Top Security

OSS, in contrast to security worries, is quite secure. Numerous developers continually test and modify it. It is easier for programmers to repair, update, and upgrade than proprietary software since they can make changes without the original creator’s consent.

  • Cheap

Most OSS is very affordable. Sometimes, they are even free.

  • Easy modifications

Even in ways that the rivals haven’t yet considered, you can readily modify the parts for any purpose. It enables retailers to find the ideal software solution for optimal efficiency, financial viability, brand consistency, and business growth.

What is CRM?

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Businesses utilize a CRM system, which is a web application, to arrange data on their leads and clients. A CRM system, however, is more than just a contact list. It includes information about clients’ positions or statuses during the sales process as well as their contact information and transaction history with the company.

Fat Free CRM

A CRM software called Fat Free CRM was created using Ruby on Rails. It has contact lists, opportunity tracking, team collaboration, lead, and campaign management, and lead and campaign management.

But among other CRMs, Fat Free CRM has one of the most appealing and user-friendly user interfaces. Additionally, developers who are already familiar with Ruby on Rails can create their own Fat Free CRM plug-ins.

How to Get Started with Open Source Software Fat Free CRM?

Get the code from GitHub and deploy it to your favorite host.


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