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The days of extensive QA testing before releasing code are long gone. Now, in addition to working your code up and down the app stack, you need to work it before and after deployment. Use Airbrake if you don’t want tools for error monitoring and debugging to slow you down or obstruct your upcoming deployment. 

See all you need to know about Air Brake.

What is Airbrake?

In order to launch code boldly and address issues more quickly, Air Brake offers frictionless error monitoring and performance management for your entire application stack.

You’re pushing code quickly; occasionally, you make several commits in a single day. Use of engineering-slowing debugging tools is not something you can afford. Instead, you need tools that offer assurance so you can release new code without worry and address problems more quickly. That is why you need Airbrake.

Benefits of Airbrake

  • 100% effectiveness

You’ll have additional knowledge about the current state of your app once Airbrake has been deployed. You will receive real-time notifications when there are major faults or new problems.

  • Ease of use

Gaining visibility into the health of your whole app stack requires little maintenance and almost no technological debt thanks to an agentless & serverless design.

Top features

  • Error monitoring
  • Fast debugging
  • Deploy tracking
  • Fix most critical problems
  • Security management

How Much Does Airbrake Cost?

Below are the Airbrake plans and pricing. Select the one most suitable to you:

  • Error monitoring: Ranges from $19 to $799 for one month. 
  • Perfomance monitoring: Ranges from $19 to $799 for one month.

All plans include:

  1. Unlimited On-Demand Errors & Events
  2.  50K Free APM Events for one month
  3. 50K Free APM Events for one month

Free Trial: Try out Air Brake for 30 days free!

Create Free Dev Account

Follow this guide to create a free Dev account:

  • Go to the Airbrake official website.
  • Click on Free Dev Account.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Choose a password.
  • Click on Create your Free Dev Account.

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