Canada Express Entry Immigration 2022 – Online Application 

Canada Express Entry Immigration

Do you wish to work in Canada? Do you want to partake in the Canadian economy? Then, what you need is to apply for the Canada Express Entry immigration program.  

Check out all you need to know about the latest Canadian Express Entry program. See where and how to apply to avoid losing money to false websites. Also, see how you can identify these scammers and stay away from them.

Canada Express Entry Immigration Application

Express Entry is a Canadian online immigration system used to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers. It enables anyone to apply and qualify for skilled immigration in Canada. The highest-ranking candidates will be invited to apply for permanent residency. 

How Much Does Canada Express Entry Immigration Cost?

When you are applying for the Canadian Express Entry program, you will see a list of fees you are to pay. This list will appear when you have filled out the documents section.

See the list below.

  • Processing fee = $825 CAD
  • Right of permanent residence = $500 CAD
  • Dependent child = $225 CAD per child
  • Other fees include biometric fees.

Note: You must pay fees online with your debit or credit card. It is advisable to pay all your fees during application.


For applicants who didn’t complete their applications, they will receive a notification. Then they will receive refunds of their permanent residence fee and processing fee. However, when their application is being processed, they won’t receive a refund of the processing fee.


Before you apply for any program online, you check whether you meet the requirements. When you can provide the requirements, then go ahead and apply. 

Check out to see the documents you need to provide when you want to apply for Canada Express Entry.

Firstly, you need to provide documents for your profile. And documents for permanent residence application.

Profile Documents

Note: you do not need to upload documents for your profile. However, you may need information from these documents for your profile.

  1. Language test results
  2. A valid passport
  3. Proof of Canadian education: applicants must provide this document if they apply through the Federal Skilled Workers Program or if they want to get points for the education they got outside Canada. Also, applicants can provide an educational credential assessment report as a substitute. 
  4. Proof of job offer from a Canadian employer.
  5. Financial statement
  6. Provincial nomination.

Permanent Residence Application Documents

When applicants qualify and are invited to apply for permanent residence, they must upload their profile documents. Additionally, they must upload:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Marriage certificate (if the applicant’s status states “married”)
  3. Divorce certificate and legal separation document (if the applicant is divorced)
  4. Death certificate (if the applicant’s spouse is deceased) 
  5. Adoption certificate (if the applicant’s dependent child is adopted)
  6. Common-law union form (if the applicant’s marital status states “common-law”)
  7. Representative form (if the applicant has a hired representative)
  8. Financial statement
  9. Police certificates
  10. Medical exams

Other required documents

Applicants are only required to submit these documents if they are included in their specific document checklist. If they do not provide these documents, they may still qualify for the program. These documents help to determine if they are eligible for the program they are applying for.

They include:

  1. Two photographs no older than three months
  2. Proof of relationship to a relative in Canada
  3. Other names 

Canada Express Entry Immigration Scam

Many false agencies claim to offer forms for the Canadian Expres Entry program. Others claim to boost the applicant’s chance of qualifying for the Express Entry program. Note that these agencies or websites are false. 

If you want to apply, go to the Canadian immigration website at You should also make your payments there. 

In the same vein, some websites claim to offer Canada visa lottery program. Note that these websites are also false. Canada does not offer immigration through lottery. Only the US offers immigration through lottery through the DV lottery program.

To know more about the Canada visa lottery program, check here. To see the Canadian immigration programs, click here.

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