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facebook gaming app download

Facebook has taken entertainment to a whole new level. Users on Facebook can now discover and play games of their interest. Users can now explore and join the universe of gaming content. Download the Facebook gaming app and enjoy the fun ride to the world of gaming content.

Also, on the Facebook gaming platform, you get to enjoy tons of other amazing perks.

Below is a rundown of the Facebook gaming app.

Facebook Gaming App Review

The Facebook gaming app is similar to Youtube Gaming and Twitch. But compared to these services, the Facebook gaming service is more fun. The gaming service has a lot of features to keep users engaged. The gaming platform is home to tons of streamers and influencers, as well as allowing regular users to start live streams and show off their skills. 

Further, the platform allows users to join groups focused on their desired games. It even features a section dedicated to mini-games, which have a variety of entertaining and non-time-consuming games. Above all, users can play these games without having to download other apps. 

Another feature of the Facebook gaming software is that users can participate in live conversations with other viewers while playing the game. They can also reply to each other by sending emoji symbols.

How Does the Facebook Gaming App Work?

After you’ve set it up based on your interests, Facebook Gaming is a breeze to use. It comprises the primary feed page, which you can access from the bottom navigation bar. Any videos from the streamers you follow, as well as live streams and content from comparable broadcasters, will appear in your feed.

You can also access mini-games of your interest. You can choose to play with your friends and strangers. Also, you can show your gaming skills by streaming your games live. 

Other features include:

  • Suggestions – shows the handpicked items of your interest.
  • Messages – send information about a game or a webcast to your friends or groups. Alternatively, you can chat with someone on the platform.

How to Start Facebook Gaming

Note: To access the Facebook gaming app, you must have a Facebook account on the Facebook network. If you don’t have a Facebook account and want to play these Facebook gaming games on the app, you must first sign up for Facebook.

After creating the Facebook account, follow these steps to start Facebook gaming. 

  • Install the game from Google Play Store.
  • Search for your favorite game in the Google search bar. 

To use the Facebook gaming platform:

  • Visit the gaming page creator.
  • Choose a name for your page.
  • Click on CONTINUE.
  • Upload a profile picture and cover photo. You can choose to skip this step.
  • Choose SEND NOTIFICATION to alert your friends about your new page. You can skip this step with the NOT NOW button.

facebook gaming app download

How to Earn Money Through Facebook Gaming

Earning money on the Facebook gaming service is as easy as ABC. It’s like making money doing what you love. 

You can earn money on Facebook gaming through:

  • Donations

For new users trying out the gaming platform, this is a pretty cool means of earning. Fans will be able to donate to you using stars. However, to qualify for this, you have to apply for the Facebook Gaming Level Up programs.

Other earning means include subscription and Facebook’s on-platform.

How to Download the Facebook Gaming App 

To enjoy your gaming experience, download the Facebook gaming app. Discover and play games of your interest. Also, join gaming groups curated on your interest. 

See how to download the Facebook gaming app below.

  1. Go to Google Play.
  2. Enter “Facebook gaming” into the search bar. Click on search
  3. Click on the app. Select DOWNLOAD.

Install Facebook Gaming App on your PC

To use the Facebook gaming app, make sure that your PC runs on Windows 7 or higher versions. 

  • Go to the Facebook game room section.
  • Follow the displayed instructions to complete your installations.

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