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Moola Loan Application

Moola Loans is a New Zealand-based lending company that offers fast and flexible loans to individuals in need of financial assistance. With a simple application process, Moola Loans has become a popular choice for those who require quick access to funds. Begin your Moola Loan Application without stress.

Why Choose Moola Loans Online

  • Flexibility: Good credit? Bad credit? Relax, we also take into account your present circumstances.

Good credit? Unhealthy credit? Relax, we also take into account your present circumstances.

  • Fast: Apply online in five minutes with our simple and fast online loan application.
  • Clear: There are no hidden fees or charges. 

How Much Can I Borrow on a Moola Loan?

Moola loan offers loans up to $500 with a repayable loan term. However, new customers can only get $250 in the meantime. Once you pay your loans on time, you will get the chance to get a higher loan amount.

Moola Loan Requirements

Check out below to see what you need to begin your Moola Loan application:

  • The customer must be a New Zealand citizen
  • Must be above 18 years
  • Own an active bank account
  • Have a smartphone
  • Have an active email account
  • Source of income proof
  • Complete the application
  • Pass the employer’s check

Moola Loan Application Processes – How to Apply

You can apply for loans on the Moola loan website and get quick funds. The application process is 100% online. You do not need any paperwork to begin your loan application. Follow the simple instructions below to apply for the loan:

  • Go to the Moola loan site online
  • Login to your account
  • Use the loan calculator to calculate your loan amount and term
  • Sign the loan document online and send it to them
  • You will get your funds after approval

How to Repay Moola Loans

The Moola loan repayment procedure is simple. They will send you a link once your loan tenure is due. Click on the link and follow the procedures. It is hassle-free.

Is Moola Loan still Working?

Note – Currently, the site is not offering loans to individuals. They are updating and working on the website. Nevertheless, you can still stay and pay out your existing loan. 

To discuss payment or if you are having issues with repayment, you can always contact the customer care line. As alternatives, you can visit or for unpaid financial guidance.

Moola Loan Customer Care Line

Call 0800 003 011 on weekdays

Monday to Friday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.`

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