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For quite some time now TikTok has been the number one on the top free social media apps. With over a billion users to boast of many believe it is where trends start. Users from various locations globally can watch and create an unlimited number of personalized short videos. These videos can either be entertaining, educating, or informative, and so on depending on what the occasion might be.

What is TikTok Good for?

Meet an app that has almost become a must-have tool for prospective influencers and content creators. This is to a large extent because the TikTok platform affords its users vital tools such as the ones below: 

  • Captivating filters
  • Video speed choice
  • High-end quality audio etc. 

Simply put, you don’t need some kind of video editing or lip-syncing skills to create something presentable or captivating, even with the potential to go viral.

How TikTokers Get Paid

You might be interested in how TikTokers earn their living from their exploits. These days creators are taking advantage of their TikTok accounts’ popularity through followership for brand promotions and sponsorships, successfully redirecting traffic to other channels and pages to make good money.

The main deciding factor is mostly the creators’ location (country) and that of their followers. If it is a region where purchasing power is more limited, it can affect your possibility of making as much as TikTokers who reside in Tier 1 countries.

Is TikTok Safe?

Although most TikTok videos are inoffensive, fun, and full of creativity, as with any social media platform, users are advised to use privacy settings to check how much data they and their loved ones are exposed to.

Why TikTok is so Popular

A lot of young content creators have mastered the art of coming up with multiple short videos that make waves. The chief deciding factor is that users can follow multiple accounts with the contents they can relate to the most on the platform. The videos are entertaining, brief, and relatable almost all the time. 

For an app that is the most popular for creating videos where users lip-sync and goof around, a lot has changed with its speedy gain in popularity. TikTok was the app with the most number of downloads on the Apple App store in early 2018, exceeding YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp which is an impressive milestone.

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